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What Extra Services Should You Expect When Leasing Office Space?

A business owner who is planning to lease office spaces in a commercial building should train his attention to the different aspects of the building other than the basic concerns such as location, internet services, and the availability of parking spaces. He should be concerned also with how the normal day to day activities in the office to be leased will go. He should know what the building owner will do in case of any breakdown of service in the building. Will the building owner take immediate action or the business owner who is leasing the office space must wait until the building owner finds time to attend to the problem?

There are so many concerns that a business owner who plans to lease office spaces must consider and some of the important ones concern the presence of onsite building management, onsite maintenance crew, onsite security services, and other basic services that must be in place whenever the need arises.

Onsite Management, Maintenance and Other Services Provided

Onsite Building Management

An onsite building management is a set up in the management structure that allows a building manager, or his representative, to be present at all times in the commercial building that leases office spaces to businesses. The building manager is the person responsible for the supervision of the needed services, both hard and soft, in the commercial building. This will include maintenance, health and safety, and security concerns of all the tenants in the building.

The following are the basic responsibilities of an onsite building manager:

Implement and supervise maintenance programs of all the physical facilities of the building such as elevator, electrical and lighting system, fire alarm and water sprinkle systems, and upkeep of building and grounds. In the absence of onsite maintenance and security services, contract with outside service providers to ensure that the maintenance and security concerns of the building will be attended to at all times. Perform duties related to insurance and tax matters, energy use, compliance with city code requirements, construction, and vendor management. Address daily concerns that may range from a damaged roof, a broken window, or clogged toilets. Address periodic concerns such as landscaping, trash disposal, pest control, maintenance of air-conditioning or heating systems, and issues that may crop up in the course of business operation. Implement preventive maintenance programs to ensure that the building will be in top shape and in favorable condition.

Onsite Maintenance Service

An onsite maintenance service, either employed by the building owner or a contracted service, will guarantee that there will be no disruption of the different services such as electricity, air-conditioning or heating, lighting, elevator, and janitorial. It will be a great inconvenience on the part of the building tenants if a maintenance concern will be attended to after a considerable length of time because the building manager is looking for and negotiating with an independent contractor of maintenance service. It will be an entirely different scenario when a maintenance personnel who is always onsite can be immediately be dispatched to fix any utility problem in the building.

Onsite Security Services

Business owners who are leasing office spaces in a commercial building will have peace of mind if there is a well-placed security service in the building. They will not worry about break-ins or the entry of malicious personalities in the premises.

The presence of security patrol in the premises, especially in the main entrance of the building, will be a deterrent to any potential security problems. While most buildings now are equipped with sophisticated electronic security systems, the personal presence of security personnel will be an added assurance to the building tenants.

Contracted Services

A lot of building owners have done away with maintaining an onsite service crews for the different building concerns and instead have contracted with independent service providers. This saves the building owners a lot of money because they need not pay for the salaries of service personnel who are just sitting by their office waiting for problems to crop up. The building owners pay only for the actual services rendered by the contracted service provider whenever they are called to fix a problem in the building.

While this arrangement makes a lot of financial sense, the building owner, especially the building manager, must see to it that the service crew of a contracted service provider will be in the building at a short notice so as not to inconvenience the tenants of the building. Building owners and onsite building managers must always bear in mind that an unhappy tenant may not renew his lease of the office space.

Business owners who are leasing office spaces at Kennedy Office Center need not worry about office-related and maintenance-related issues as they can be attended to and resolved right away.

Kennedy Office Center maintains an onsite management and maintenance crew who will immediately attend to any breakage or breakdown complaints from tenants. Prospective tenants can choose from a number of newly renovated suites with new carpets installed and newly painted walls. While waiting for their custom suite to be built, tenants can use a free temporary space at Kennedy Office Center.



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